Thursday, 22 January 2009


I do try not to whinge but I'm completely and totally hacked off with January. It has either been too cold & frozen solid to go outside or too wet OR (I think this is the most frustrating) a day like today where we have a fresh breeze, blue sky above, views of snow-clad fells but there was so much rain in the night that the entire garden is sodden.

I cannot walk on any part of it without water oozing up around my boots. Trying to walk around and carry logs from where they are to where they need to be would be slippery, muddy and probably dangerous because it's hard to keep upright on some of the sloping bits! Areas where the grass died because it was covered by fallen Leylandii are already a muddy bog. What little "lawn" (I always use that word very carefully at Bag End!) we have is rapidly disappearing from the traffic areas that cannot be avoided.

I know how dangerous it is to admit to any plans I have made (because it always puts the mockers on them!) but this plan is already shot to h*ll so why not tell? Stupid Hobbit thought she would be able to get in the garden for one hour a day, every day ... not much, but lots of little hours add up. Yeah right. Total gardening in 2009? One hour last Sunday during which I cleared a small log pile from it's inappropriate location on the front "lawn" (there I go again). This area is destined to become the vegetable garden (oops - shouldn't have said that) but needs a protective hedge first.

(yes, I know this looks a mess, that is because it IS a mess!)

And the logs were moved to, surprise - surprise, another log pile!

(no, I didn't move all that in one hour - I wish - Husband moved most of this over Christmas)

Much of the frustration is because Nature is getting on and starting to grow and I wanted to have straightened out all last year's felled timber before that happened.

And talking of Nature - found our one and only clump of Snowdrops in the garden today:

but there are more in the churchyard.

We've also got some bulbs popping their heads up and the heather is doing well.

Although the ones I put into tubs haven't done anything yet (but they did go in very, very late)

And two different Reds visit us every day.

so life is good, even if the Birds' Bistro bill is horrendous!


  1. It sounds to me like the weather is making you do what good advice and commen sense couldn't - rest.

  2. Oh shut up {giggle}, what with you, SewAli, Flummery and Sewing Granny I have a distinct feeling I am being ganged up on!

  3. What a handsome little chap/ess he/she is! Look at it this way Jayne. Land should not be worked when it is waterlogged. It causes compaction and can lead to an untold amount of problems in the future, so in a professional capcity - I think you've done the right thing staying out of the garden ;-)

  4. Laughing Out Loud!!!

    Bless you Rachel, but whilst I know quite well to keep off waterlogged soil it doesn't mean I'm happy about it. However, during the enforced downtime I've got dangerously close to having all our paperwork up to date, done a little piecing and evolved some ideas for future projects (which I must not mention on the blog because doing so seems to be an absolute jinx!)

  5. I really understand your frustration! It feels ok to be hibernating when it is dark/wet/cold outside, but with those blue skies above, and the bulbs bursting out - well, that's a different story!

    So all you can do is sit back and Make Plans - but that's ok too, and you'll be out there again soon enough!

  6. Thanks Hazel, I know you're right but it is so frustrating when there's so much to do.

  7. I can comiserate with you! it is just so dismal at the moment. My lawn has been under water more than out of it recently and I checked yesterday and most of it is now moss!

  8. Moss I can live with {giggle}, it's green and doesn't need mowing.

    I know we're all in the same boat with the weather, doesn't stop me champing at the bit and wanting to get out and play lumberjack!

  9. She's a lumberjack and she's ok!
    It's got to buck up soon chuck!

  10. Thanks Flum, but if you're sitting in my study right now it ain't! I know I ought to get Ollie and make the poor lad go outside for his pre-bedtime toilet stop. However, it is coming down "stair rods" by the sound of it and we'll both get soaked. Unfortunately, I cannot really put this off much longer.

    I noticed how high the Derwent was this morning, all that water has got to go somewhere.

  11. I seem to recall the word exhausted mentioned before christmas, thank goodness the weather's making you do what you wouldn't otherwise! I think you should plan in future years to take December and January completely off from the garden and concentrate on your quilting. You can have too much of a good thing ...

  12. Oh, got to post another comment - my new word verification just came up as "guggle". I love it! LOL

  13. And guggle to you too!

    Dearest SewAli, You can take your suggestion about December and January and *Guggle it* - be honest, you've known me for too long, the chances of me taking two months off are more slim than Baldrick's Slimmest Thing!

    BTW, haven't shared any pictures yet (bad Hobbit) but I've finished that "Chocolat" quilt top and pieced a back for another one!



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