Monday, 29 December 2008

Trying to catch up

Don't you just hate blogs that leave it so long without updates? (grin). Everything is fine at Bag End; Christmas and "life" have got in the way of gardening and blogging, but we have done a few bits and pieces outside.

Sunday 7th December
Finally got a huge Leylandii trunk into movable pieces which are now waiting to be chopped even smaller and put into the log store. This horrible beast of a tree was completely blocking the view to Skiddaw and its trunk was much thicker than the length of the chainsaw bar - it took a lot of sawing but like all wood in this garden, it did not defeat a determined Hobbit! We took two huge sections to use as chopping blocks - one for the regular splitting maul for when Husband is doing lumberjack impersonations, and one for me to use when splitting logs with splendid new toy from Sweden.

Without pictures, it is easy to forget just how damn big these trees were

It looks better now!

Sunday 14th December
The very cold weather continued and we decided to make inroads into one of the log piles that has been laying around since the Spring. We cut the large pieces into log-sized lengths, split them, and moved them to the Log Store working in wheelbarrow-sized loads and getting each load completely finished before starting on the next (unusually organised for us!). Husband makes a much neater job of stacking logs than me, so he got that task and I did most of the splitting with aforementioned new toy.

Bit of a mistake - we have made the base too high therefore I was lifting the weight above shoulder height more than I need to. This meant that by Sunday night I could hardly move my arms and on Monday driving was more than a tad difficult! Before we split any more logs, the base is going to have a few inches taken off it.

Sadly we did not get the large trunks chopped up which was our aim, but at least we have an area that is "nearly" tidied up . . .


  1. The view from your front room must be fantastic now that tree is gone.

  2. What's your verdict on the log splitter? Money well spent? The video made me think it was probably much harder work than it looks.


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