Thursday, 25 December 2008

Supporting Local Businesses, and Quantum Physics

The first puzzle to be completed at Bag End had its final piece in position yesterday.

Great fun and very satisfying, but absolutely fatal - why is it when I have a puzzle "on the go" it is nigh on impossible to do anything else?

I am sure scientists do not need to go to Geneva and spend millions of pounds on Large Hadron Colliders, all they need to do is look inside jigsaw puzzle boxes. Why? Because inside every puzzle is a small black hole into which my ability to measure time disappears inexplicably!

Even better than solving all quantum physics questions is the discovery of one of the BIGGEST selection of puzzles I have ever come across - and it is beautifully located down the road in Grasmere. Barney's Newsbox sell more puzzles than I have ever seen in one place, and have a great website and online store too. Support the Cumbrian economy - get your puzzles from these extremely nice people!

The puzzle I've just completed is Country Kitchen from House of Puzzles and should look like this.

Now which one of the large supply in the coat-cupboard shall I start next?

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  1. Well done on the finsh. Definately my sort of jigsaw.

    At least you can get to your jigsaws mine are all in a box somewhere in the loft.

    Really wish you hadn't told me about that joigsaw shop in Grasmere!!!


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