Saturday, 20 December 2008

Catching up, #1

Don't you just hate blogs that suddenly stop updates?

Everything is fine at Bag End, but I have finally accepted I am exhausted and have to slow down. Not just 'exhausted' as an alternative for 'fairly tired', but completely and totally worn-down-to-the-core-exhausted. The sort of exhaustion that comes from nearly two years of constantly being on the go; firstly getting our Hampshire house ready to sell, then making the 350 mile move to Cockermouth, then living in limbo in a rented property, and finally moving to Bag End in the Spring of 2008 - with all the subsequently documented trials, tribulations, and endless hard work!

This state of affairs was not helped one iota by doing myself a couple of physical mischiefs which I could have well done without! Sunday before last we spent (probably) too long in the garden and the Log Store now has logs - whooppeedo -

(room for lots more before it is full!)

- only, I overdid it and by Monday I could hardly drive because my shoulders were so sore (not good when Ollie had an acupuncture appointment in Appleby). Not content with sore shoulders, on the Tuesday I fell foul of the frozen roads whilst walking back from the postbox. Despite knowing the road was icy and taking extreme care I still managed to go flying and land extremely hard - not a dainty and ladylike slip and a stumble, oh no, this was a complete legs straight out from underneath me leaving head, shoulders, hips and elbow to smash onto the ground in complete unison and with great force! The sort of landing that leaves one laying there, looking at the sky through a lacy screen of leafless trees wondering "is my wrist broken? it certainly hurts enough, hmm, can I actually get up?". Needless to say I spent the rest of the week very quietly . . .

The most strenuous thing I have done since is put up Christmas decorations. Must take photos . . .


  1. Bilbo despite what the blog says glad to hear your relatively alright I was getting so worried I was going to email a joint friend tomorrow to ask about you.

    Catch up with your posts etc tomorrow

  2. The log store's looking great, sorry to hear you crocked yourself doing it, but it'll warm the cockles of your soul every time you look at it. The ice incident doesn't sound good either, you'd better take it easy for a while (as easy as you can take anything!). Eat plenty over christmas and build up your strength!

  3. Glad you could manage the Christmas decorations though. Only just started mine today - the joiners only finished the living room floor yesterday.

    Take care and have a relaxing Christmas.

  4. Welcome back. Take care of yourself and remember that this may be the season of good cheer, etc., but I've also declared it the Season of "Be good to Yourself!"antal

  5. Oh Bilbo - What are we going to do with you? really must learn your limitations!!

    Did you go to casulty with the wrist? I bet you didn't! That sort of fall is so distressing - you really don't know how it happened, you just find yourself winded and flat on your back on the ground! Take good care of yourself - you are precious to us! 007 sends his best wishes for a speedy recovery - recommends a good stiff drink!

  6. I'm very tempted to drive over and tie you to the bed post for a couple of weeks so you get some much-needed rest.


  7. Lorchen, ha ha ha! That sounds very kinky and I am sure not exactly what you meant (giggle) but I understand the sentiment.

  8. Thank you girls, I am slowing down - honest! The first jigsaw of winter is half done and I haven't even looked at the chainsaw trousers for weeks.

  9. Very pleased to hear that the only jigsaw you are playing with is the sort that comes in 1000's of pieces.

  10. Since our e-mail exchange in September I have continued to lurk and enjoy your blog. It was with some relief on my return from the Yorkshire Dales (Xmas visit to hubby's family) to read your posts as I was getting concerned! Not pleased to hear of your mishaps of course but it seems it takes a calamity to enforce a rest upon you! Have a wonderful Cumbrian Christmas Jayne.
    Jenny Booth


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