Saturday, 27 December 2008

Boxing Day

Husband often apologises for the number of times he comments on the wonderful weather we enjoy. Many times we are basking under a clear blue sky whilst Skiddaw or Grasmoor sit under a blanket of cloud. Today however, we have enjoyed the best - crisp, clear sunshine at home, and wonderful views as well. Anyone up here on holiday could have enjoyed some excellent fellwalking today, we wimped out and kept the Aged Canine one company!

Just for Dave & Ros - zooming in on Ullock Pike

Oh yes, and finished puzzle #2, "Quilts for Sale" from an original painting by Diane Phalen

This was an unusual puzzle. A gift last year from my dearest friend J. in St Louis, this American puzzle had very large pieces (hence it filled our board even though it is still a 1,000 piece one) and thanks to Husband, who completed at least half of it with me, it was finished inside two days!

Am currently sorting pieces for the next one that we both want to work on - all 1,500 of them!


  1. There's something compulsively more-ish about jigsaws. I haven't done one for years, the last one I did I couldn't bear to break up, I framed it and hung it on the wall!

  2. I was a very good girl and allowed 007 to do his WasJig on his own this year! It was a very hard thing to do though, but I was helped by the fact that I had another 'Caterpiller' quilt to cut and sew! He did allow me to put the last piece in - among a lot of laughter! If you have never done a WasJig you need to try them - they are so much fun!


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