Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Bag End Buffet

Filling the feeders for the third time today. There should have been a fat ball as well but we've run out! Middle right jug is some very expensive Royal Canin food that Ollie refuses to eat - the birds don't seem to mind it.

The Blackie count has risen to 15 and our pretty Redwing has been back for another visit.

The £80 delivery from The Birds' Bistro in December isn't going to last as long as I'd hoped. This is the shopping list (so far) and will be added to before Richard delivers next week.

The Hi Vis vest that is also on the shopping list? We have no streetlights here (hurrah) and it can be VERY dark when I take Hairy One out for his bedtime stroll, about time I got a vest to bung on over whatever coat I'm wearing.


  1. I have a high-visibility vest - all our Britain in Bloom people do - so we can be seen fossicking in the flower beds by the main road. Actually, we don't garden in the dark and our bums are well big enough - but, it's a Health and Safety thing!

  2. Love Mrs Flum's comment, made me chuckle! We've nearly used up the supplies we bought in Bird's Bistro on our last visit, wish they delivered to Worcestershire! Our best count so far this winter is a flock of nearly 30 goldfinches, really special!

  3. Gosh Sewali that makes my flock of half a dozen Goldfinches look very small! But I haven't seen Redwings in this garden....we used to have them all the time in our garden down the road! :(


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