Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Weekend Work

Despite being very worried about The Canine One we decided to carry on with our weekend plans for clearing up the brush and logs. Two very long, very tiring days but we achieved just about everything we wanted.

This was how things looked at the end of Saturday after a significant amount of chainsaw work and a lot of moving of logs! The large tree trunks did not take a couple of hours to clean, limb and log - with us working together it was more like 20 minutes per tree! The largest sections of trunk still need to be cut up and moved but that can wait a little while.

John and his crew produced the pile on the left, we made the right-hand stack with Saturday's cut logs and the trunks in the foreground are all that are left of a lot of Leylandii. Very satisfying.

Much of Sunday was spent sorting through the huge brush pile under the remaining Leylandii to "rescue" wood that is large enough to make logs. It was horrible, slow, tiring work and eventually we gave up. Yes, given enough time and an ideal world we could get more small logs and kindling from that which will end up on a bonfire but we were back to Husband's "Law of Diminishing Returns" so we stopped.

He was keen to make more progress on the Log Store, so 90 minutes and a few wood screws later we had the final upright in place, the base supported off the ground (using industrial strength brackets, it will also be chocked up once we start to put load in it), and a small start made on fixing slab to the sides.

Everything looks much tidier now our friends A & R have visited and attacked the open area with a rake. Thanks guys, it would never have looked that tidy if I'd been doing it!


  1. The Law of Diminishing Returns takes me back to my A level and economics degree days when it was explained using beer.

  2. That log store looks the business. Something satisfying about log production. Our friend the farmer says chopping logs warms you up twice!

  3. How wonderful to have a view like this, and although it must have been hard work clearing it how satisfying.

    I shall pop back to see how it is going.


  4. I don't remember my economics lessons being half as much fun as Angela's were!

    It must be like opening a giant present at Bag End - with each swathe of overgrown greenery that you cut away, you reveal such a delightful view beyond.

    Now do tell me that you aren't exposing yourselves to nasty gales, won't you?

  5. Gosh - Bilbo - what a lot you have done in the last few months - I would never have believed that you would have acheived so much - but what great views you have now! can't wait to see them when we come at the end of the month.

  6. What an improvement! Your log store looks the business too.t


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