Monday, 3 November 2008

Still at the vets

I dropped him off at 9.00 and was able to spend 20 minutes with Clare (Ollie's usual vet) before I left. This surgery is great - none of the "chuck the lead at a nurse and get out" that most surgeries (or certainly Hampshire ones) seem to expect.

We have agreed to do a full set of blood tests (liver & kidney function, platelet levels, etc) and prior to his sedation they are also going to perform a full chest ultrasound. Millcroft Vets have a sonographer who specialises in Cardiology and is in the Cockermouth practice today so it made sense to take advantage of a half hour slot that was free at 10.00am.

Still waiting to hear back from them but it may be as late as 2.00pm before I get a call to go and collect him.


  1. hope all is well and your not worrying too much.

    That really is a picture of a very cute, butter wouldn't melt in my mouth looking Ollie.

  2. Aah, that's a gorgeous photo of the lad. You know we're thinking of you all.

  3. Keeping everything crossed for you Ollie



    PS that's a lovely photo of you. Did you have to sit for long for your human to get such a cute picture?

  4. Hope the news was not too bad when you collected him from the vets.......thinking about you all a lot.

  5. Thinking about you. Waiting's the worst isn't it?


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