Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Progress (with pictures)

It may not be the neatest Log Store in the world but we're pleased with it and comments from neighbours have been favourable. Guttering is needed at the back of the roof and a waterbutt at the side. For now the front is open to the prevailing wind and rain but when we eventually get around to having a shed (which will be in front of the store), this will protect the logs. Sadly the wrong time of year for "real gardening" because I want to put a Clematis Montana Rubens on the left-hand side and watch it scramble all over the store.

To anyone else this will look like a photo of a muddy patch but I know the ground is much clearer than it was. Slow progress, but at least it IS progress!

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  1. That log store is really the business. And the ground is fertile - it'll heal up nicely!


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