Sunday, 30 November 2008

Playing Tourist

A journey to Keswick to collect something should mean a quick trip up and down the A66. However, it was beautiful (if cold) day and neither of us felt like working in the garden. Therefore load up car with Ollie, a flask and the camera and take a detour via Surprise View, down Borrowdale to Honister, up to Newlands Hause and then back to the A66 via Braithwate!

The remains of a small inversion over Derwentwater. There is far less snow on this southern-facing side of Skiddaw than we see from home (where we're looking at the north & west faces).

Ollie thought wandering around the woods at Surprise View was great fun and did not want to get back in the car. It is really too soon to expect any positive benefits from the acupuncture BUT he was on great form today, bouncing around, no pain and very happy (and noisy).

I don't remember this sign last time we were here?

At Newlands Hause the Hairy One felt the need to have a damn good roll! Fortunately he didn't chose sheep poo or anything obnoxious.

Our initial plan was to return down from Newlands Hause and go home via Lorton. 100 yards down the road we realised the car in front of us had spun on ice and was stuck across the road. Husband ran down to help, I reversed back up the road before anyone came down and got stuck behind me. I stopped the next three cars to warn them and everyone immediately parked and ran down to help. The driver was not hurt, just a bit shaken, and the car was barely dented. With no mobile signal in the area it was good to see total strangers happy to help out. However, this left the road from Buttermere blocked by upcoming traffic which didn't feel able to get over the icy patch. Made me very thankful I drive a semi-4x4 because half a hour earlier I'd driven up over that ice with no difficulty.


  1. We did that route on Wednesday with the girls and although it was cold there was no ice - thank goodness.......we had a lovely day - Brian and the girls walked a fell and I sat and painted the view.

  2. Just thinking - you caould almost mistake 'the Hairy one' for one of the sheep on the fells.


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