Monday, 3 November 2008

Ollie update

The boy has had a quiet weekend, but sadly not a completely pain-free one. Either the new painkillers are not strong enough or they take a while to kick in (she says hopefully) but there were numerous occasions yesterday (Saturday) when he was obviously getting a small stab of pain from his hip. He didn't want to walk very far and when we did go out the pace was slower than a Very Slow Thing.

Today he has been a bit better, I don't think he has been is so much discomfort but he has wanted to stay extremely close to us all day. Difficult when we have been working with the chainsaw and clearing brush & logs! It is also difficult to see him get up and obviously think about walking somewhere but being very hesitant just in case it hurts again. Saying that, when it was time to come in from the garden he very deliberately picked up one of his toys and insisted we played "tug" for quarter of an hour - maybe not feeling so bad after all!

We are off to the vet at 9.00am tomorrow for the X-ray under sedation, obviously we are concerned about what we're going to find out but it will be much better to know exactly what we're dealing with.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Nice to know that he is still up for a game of tug.

    I'll be thinking about you all tomorrow.


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