Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Ollie, update

Sadly, the woofing did not continue.

Whilst we have not had incidents of screaming in pain over the last week, we have not had a very happy little puppy either. It has been one 'not bad day' followed by one where he barely wants to get up, let alone eat, walk or play.

It was time for some more intervention and therefore yesterday evening (Monday) we started him on a 10-day course of Predno-leucotropin which is a combination of Cinchophen, a fairly mild NSAID, and prednisolone, a steroid. We did not want to do this unless we had to, if you scroll two-thirds down this page (under "b. Steroids") you will see why steroids are absolutely not the answer to canine arthritis.

We have also booked a course of acupuncture with Helen Gould that commences next Monday. This is a treatment which can give tremendous pain relief and I'm very hopeful that it will give Ollie a much better quality of life.

Husband and I have, obviously, spent a great deal of time recently discussing The Hairy One, and at the weekend Husband had one of his genius insightful moments. He said "do you think sometimes, when Ollie can't be bothered to get up and doesn't seem to want to walk, it is not because he's in pain, maybe it is because he's bored with gentle walks around the block and even if he cannot manage the fells any more, he wants to go out somewhere interesting"? Lightbulb moment - we have a hugely intelligent dog who adores trips in the car, visiting new places.

Therefore, despite it being grey, cloudy and somewhat blustery, yesterday's early morning walk took place at Crosscanonby, an easily accessible beach on the Solway Firth, about 15 minutes away. I thought we would keep to the sandy/grassed area above the beach - easy walking, relatively flat and nice & gentle underfoot. A certain Hairy Person had other ideas and was absolutely determined to feel sand between his toes! He skipped a little, barked a lot, stood facing into the wind tasting the air and obviously throughly enjoyed himself. Sure he was very tired yesterdy afternoon and he's not up for much this morning but the change of scene definitely made him very happy.

Plans to go out tomorrow morning as well, which I will keep to myself because announcing plans on the Bag End blog always results in failure!


  1. Pleased to hear Ollie enjoyed his walk yesterday.

  2. What a wise DH you have Bilbo - we all like a change of scene and can get 'cabin fever' if cooped up too long in the same place! I bet you enjoyed the change too - walking on the beach in November must be magicable!

  3. I thought that was a new word Granny, I liked it! And good for Ollie, sometimes we forget how intelligent our pets are. I was just saying this morning that we ought to exercise our cat more by playing with string with him. He may no longer be a kitten, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want to play.

  4. "You don't stop doing things because you have got old, you get old because you have stopped doing things" . . . .

    If I didn't have a splitting headache (no idea why) then I would Google this and find the proper quote!

    PS: Granny - I prefer magicable too!


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