Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Ollie is home

Full details later, but for now the good news. It is not cancer. He has VERY severe arthritis of the spine, by the look of the X-rays the problem has been developing for years but his hips are fine.

More later on but right now Ollie is collapsed on a newly assembled bed in the study consisting of a single duvet folded in half and a piece of Memory Foam mattress, topped with a quilt. He's still very groggy from the sedation and was shivering so has another quilt on top.

I have a splitting (stress induced) headache, husband is completely exhausted from trying to pretend he's not worried (I had to hide in the kitchen last night and have a crying fit when I got so upset watching Ollie stumbling and having trouble getting across the sitting room) and it doesn't look like my canine friend is going anywhere for a few hours. Time to see what can be excavated from the freezer and slung in the microwave.

Telling most of the west coast of Scotland how pleased he was to be paddling in Loch Arkaig

A huge thank you to all his (our) friends for the support and good wishes today and especially A & R who came to visit this afternoon, helped in the garden for a couple of hours, and unbelievably took my mind off worrying for a while.


  1. Poor old Ollie, no wonder he's in so much pain.

    Glad A & R were able to distract you for a while.

  2. Poor Ollie! Whatever needs doing, at least we all know there are enough quilts to keep him comfortable. Big hugs for all of you!


  3. Poor Ollie, but at least he's home now and you all know what his problem is so he can be treated for it.

    Lots of love, hugs and strokes



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