Thursday, 20 November 2008

November images

It hasn't all been endless slog and hard work. Occasionally there has been time to stop and play with the camera.

Waiting for the chainsaw:

Waiting for the log store (and the log splitter):
I could photograph logs all day! Wonderful textures and contrast and constantly changing light.

A strange but very clever plant. At the same time this plant has flowers, developing berries (red ones) and ripe berries (black ones). A very good way of ensuring propagation regardless of seasonal and climate changes.

Bracket fungus:
Discovered on the rowan tree near the squirrel feeder. Think it is Polyporus squamosus (common name Dryad's Saddle).


  1. Theres a quilt trying to get out of that log store Bilbo! what great textures you could have....and colours!

  2. Nice to see you get to enjoy the garden as well.


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