Monday, 17 November 2008

Log Store progress

A bright, sunny Sunday saw us back out in the garden. Husband moved most of the brush & debris that didn't make it to the bonfire last weekend and I cleared up leaves from the drive. In places the magnolia leaves had blown 6" deep and all are now in my Log Box near the compost bin. Hopefully in a year or two they will be lovely rich, moist leaf mould.

We took the opportunity of good weather to do more work on the Log Store first bracing the tops of the upright posts.

Putting on featheredge boards to make a roof was not, sadly, without incident. Husband is a very lucky boy, he fell backwards off the ladder (missed his footing as he was about to descend) and landed almost flat on his back. Fortunately he hit soft earth which was probably the best thing he could have landed on, 12" away was a tree stump - his elbow caught that. He also graunched up his calf which got caught up on the ladder. Despite 90 minutes in a hot bath when we'd finished he could barely walk by the end of the evening.

So I ended up crawling around the roof with a drill - something I am quite capable of, just hadn't quite planned to include it in Sunday's activities.

I detest having my photo taken at the best of times, if you think I'm going to "look up for the camera" when perched uncomfortably on half a roof which is not strong enough to support me then forget it!

The light was nearly gone by the time we packed up and came in. Although the photo makes the store look a bit wonky, for a "make it up as you go along" construction we're very pleased with it.


  1. Husband sounds like he is a very lucky man indeed, could have been much nastier.

    You looked like you knew what you were doing with that drill, I'm impressed.

  2. Ho ho ho, you should see me with a chainsaw!!! And yes, Husband was extremely lucky and I think he knows it.

  3. I hope 'husband' is much better now Bilbo - looks a bit shakey up there on that construction - glad it wasn't me! mind you at your young age I would probably have climbed up there and finished off the construction too!

  4. Husbands! What are they like? As you no doubt remember, mine took a tumble when painting the ceiling and couldn't drive for over a week. They shouldn't be let out!
    Are you any good at hen-houses?

  5. And remember Granny telling us of her hubby dangling off the end of the conservatory when he was trying to clean the roof? They're all the same LOL. Many years ago mine nearly got a wheelbarrow full of old bathroom tiles on top of him when he fell backwards down the stairs - don't ask, it was just another time we counted our lucky stars!


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