Friday, 21 November 2008

Does this look like an unhappy dog?

Had to go to Keswick yesterday morning to collect a newly sharpened chainsaw chain so we went via St Bega, Bassenthwaite and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. The walk to the church is virtually completely flat on a fairly smooth path and there is a stream at the end - a nice safe one that is only a few inches deep.

I think the steroids are taking effect, he ran around barking and bouncing and I had quite a fight to get him out of the water! He seems quite oblivious to the fact that it is freezing cold and if I did not bully him back onto dry land I know he'd stay in the water until he was too cold to move.

"Puddling", well, that is what we call it. Ollie loves to paw at the stream bed stirring up mud and, if we don't stop him, making the pads of his feet quite sore in the process.

Ollie spent the afternoon
crashed out on the bed behind my chair in the study and sleeping deeply, and was allowed to sleep on the human bed last night where he snuggled down and did not move until morning time. I thought he would be knackered this morning but no, leaping around, barking his fool head off. We saw a neighbour whilst on our morning excursion who commented "he's got a twinkle back in his eye" and that's a lovely way of describing his current mood. I had forgotten how damn noisy a happy Beardie can be - bark, bark, bark, BARK, BARK!!!

"Hmph, if you won't let me play in the water I'll just have to chew this nice stick"


  1. Welcome back Ollie,

    Cuddles and strokes from


  2. Looks far to much like he's enjoying life to be considered unhappy.

    So where is today's walk then? Looks like Ollie has decided it was time you got out of the garden and started exploring the local area more.


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