Monday, 17 November 2008

Conflagration #2

It really was a most SPLENDID bonfire! Bit by bit during the course of the evening chairs and benches were collected up from all around the garden and moved upwind of the fire so that those not actively engaged in feeding the inferno could sit and enjoy the spectacle.

Everyone said how much fun it was, whether they were busy moving rubbish or just sitting enjoying the atmosphere. There is something very elemental and basic about a good old-fashioned bonfire party!

It was quite funny to see the chairs being moved further and further back from the fire when it become too hot to sit in the original positions and even funnier when folk gave up and stood behind the chairs because they were too warm sitting down.

It really was a very big fire! Yes, we did have a visit from Cumbrian Fire and Rescue who were driving around the area checking on parties. A quick word with Husband and a couple of other neighbours seemed to reassure them that we were under control and off they went.

This last silly picture was taken around 9.00pm when folk were leaving. Despite three hours torrential downpour everything on the fire continued to burn and this was the huge ash/ember pile which remained. Our perfectionist friend hates this picture because it is so fuzzy - what else do you expect from a six-second hand-held exposure!

All pictures thanks to our friend James. Amazing that he actually found time to take any because according to Husband "that man worked like a bl**dy Trojan all evening and never stopped". (There, what use are friends if you cannot thoroughly embarrass them?).


  1. There's nothing like a good burn-up, very cathartic!

  2. Cor, you shifted some stuff didn't you?

  3. One of the guests noted it took 4 or 5 people ONE HOUR to shift just one of the piles (and these friends weren't slouching off, they were all working hard and fast) - and was good enough to comment that as he knew I'd put most of it there in the first place I'd shifted rather a lot of stuff during the summer!

  4. So much more satisfying then trying to shred all that stuff though Bilbo!!I love a good fire! We used to have them in the garden a lot when the children were small and you were allowed bonfires in this area!

  5. Yes, there is something primal about sitting round a bonfire, just staring into the flames. Happy memories of Girl Guide camp many years ago - strumming along with a guitar!

  6. Your bonfire along with guests seems like great fun if hard work. A long time since I stood around a bonfire. I'm still working 2 days a week from home but my work email is okay if you want to send any sightings!

  7. Sorry its Chris not Beca - using her laptop:-)

  8. I think I've just about got the Leylandii resin off my hands now, and people tell me that the smokey smell has nearly gone from my hair ;)

    What good fun, and happy to help.

  9. Just found James's photos from the big bonfire. It looked like a monster! Apologies for any confusion over that night, it would have been great to come over and see James and others from the OFC.

    By the way, you won't probably know but you've won a copy of 'The Fellwalker' signed by the author. I'll be in touch!


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