Friday, 28 November 2008

Acupuncture in Appleby

An overdue Ollie-update.

On Wednesday we went to Helen Gould in Appleby for Ollie's first acupuncture session. She was absolutely brilliant with him and I was very impressed with her. Helen's interpretation of his X-rays is slightly different (although the end result is the same). She feels that the osteophytes (in green on this picture) near his tail have probably bridged in the past but this is a fracture which is why we went from nothing to acute pain almost instantly.

It was a very interesting experience to lay on the floor of her consulting room whilst she inserted at least 15 needles into the Boy, some of which were in place for up to 30 minutes. He was not impressed a couple of times when the needles went in and put up some token resistance but it did not take too long for him to calm down and either accept we were trying to help him or that resistance was futile (grin).

I was warned that we were unlikely to see any improvement from either the first or second session and in fact, the next 24-48 hours might even be worse. Wonderfully - this has not been the case! He slept soundly from getting home until bedtime, ate a good meal and bounced out of the back door wanting to play "tug" when we walked around the block. He wasn't too active yesterday but he was not in unexpected excruciating pain either. Today he is quiet but that could be boredom - I am waiting for friends to arrive and we're going up to the beach at Crosscanonby so he's only had a short walk around the block today and I suspect that is not what His Hairyness wants!

The other bonus was taking a short walk around Appleby before coming home. I settled Ollie in the car, gave him a drink and went exploring. Appleby may well get the award for friendliest town in Cumbria with the unexpected treat of finding this lovely lady on sale in one of the gift shops.

I have a small and very special collection of these Jim Shore/Heartwood Creek Christmas ornaments since first finding them whilst in a Christmas Store, in May, in St Louis with my best friend.


  1. The ornament is great.

    Glad to hear Ollie accepted the acupuncture without too much resistance. He's braver than me, wouldn't get me having that many needles stuck in me for love nor money.

  2. I think I have to agree with Angela about needles.

    I also love the Jim Shore figurines, and have a great Father Christmas one which will be coming out of it's box soon.

    Love to both you and Ollie


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