Monday, 29 September 2008

We are still working in the garden, honest!

This weekend Husband and I tackled logs and piles of garden rubbish; the joy of using a chainsaw with a sharp chain and the safety of having acquired a decent Stihl sawhorse to steady the branches whilst we render them into stove-sized logs. In preparation for more tree felling we have cleaned up the bottom of five Leylandii ready for John and his team and are moving/consolidating all the remaining brush and rubbish into one area in preparation for a big Autumn bonfire. Trying to shred and/or comppost this stuff has proved inneffective and whilst it is not my favourite way of clearing up we're resigned to the idea that a fire is the way to go.

There is still much to do but I don't feel like putting any "progress report pictures" on the blog because although I know I'm moving stuff around a lot it won't really look like that to anyone else.

If I get a chance to have a couple of sessions in the garden this week then I might be at a point where we can say "finally, turned a corner" and then you'll see photos!


  1. But eventually you'll be brash-free and as fit as a butcher's dog!

  2. I reckon if you wait a week or so and then advertise all your available bonfire material you'll have it taken off your hands without having to burn it yourself.


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