Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Tuesday visitors

More fabulous wildlife watching moments - and all from the kitchen window.

First, the male Sparrowhawk who was initially seen on a log pile, he then spent 5 minutes or more sitting in the Sugar Maple looking to see if lunch was silly enough to be flying about. He left through the Coppice and into the churchyard.

At various times during the day we've been visited by three different Red Squirrel, possibly Newbie, definitely "Dark Tail" (he's the new kid on the block who you've not met before) and another, much smaller than the others and quite dark, however we don't appear to have seen Blondie recently. They have something in common with the Hare - they are all much faster than the shutter lag on my camera . . .

These youngsters are not at all happy about pushing up the lid on the hazelnut feeder so we've propped it open for the time being, the Blue Tits think this is great and happily hop in and out to steal peanuts.


  1. The sparrowhawk is magnificent. We occasionally have one swooping low over the gardens - across over next door's garage, down low over the 'meadow', up and over the fence to the other neighbour's. Must be scary if you're a Small Brown Job

  2. Love the shots of the Sparrowhawk.

    Your shutter speed can't be that slow if your getting such good pictures.

  3. Oh, it looks like my next Bag End visit will be fun :)

    I'm sure you'll find a way round the shutter lag problem, you seem to be getting some good shots already (I know just how far away the feeder is).

  4. I love the stripy tail on your new squirrel!! We have a Sparrow hawk who has been known to sit on a tree outside the kitchen window - two feet from the window, and watch us eat! They seem to have no fear! I know it's nature, but I do hate to see them devouring songbirds. Why can't they just eat pigeons?


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