Friday, 19 September 2008

Thursday, 18th September 2008

Good grief - where have the last 10 days gone. That must have been them making a speedy whooshing sound as they whistled past without me . . .

The field opposite Bag End has a nice stock-proof Hawthorn hedge. I don't particularly care for the long-term effect of cutting a hedge with a flail on a tractor but these days farmers have no choice, it is not economic to do it any other way.

Yesterday afternoon "before":


See all that indistinct greyness at the top of the photo? At least it is not raining but we've had this murky haze for the last couple of days, the light is really weird, little camera really doesn't like it!

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  1. Not the man power to cut hedges any other way these days Bilbo! I too prefer the look of a layered hedge - but at least you have the veiw of the bridge and river back....
    I agree - strange clouds........highland mist slipped a bit?


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