Monday, 8 September 2008

Thank you

Thank you to my friends, our squirels and to the weather.

This afternoon we were joined by a small group of friends from the Online Fellwalking Club who came over to Bag End for tea and buns. Big thank you to Angela for exceedingly wonderful home-made muffins! Thank you to all our friends who came over to sit around and chat when they could have been out on the fells. It was wonderful to just sit around for a few hours to talk and laugh.

Thank you to the weather - unbelievably it did not rain all day and to my surprise we were able to sit outside all afternoon.

Thank you to our resident squirrels who were completely undeterred by our presence (and the noise we were making) and visited on and off for the whole afternoon, chasing each other up and down trees and working hard at emptying the hazelnut feeder. I'd hoped that our friends would get a glimpse of them, we got rather more than that! I only took one photo all day and with luck I'll be forgiven for sharing it.

This is Jill who was probably less than 20 feet from two squirrel and able to take a series of pictures. I do hope a few of them will make it to her lovely website at some point in the future.


  1. Oh dear, Bilbo - you now have me looking at the blogs of friends' friends! (and yes, I had to think about the apostophe!)

    You sound to have had a wonderfully heartwarming day, and why not! We did seem to have your dose of rain down at the Hill this afternoon, but I'll give you this, just this once! *grins*

  2. Personally, I lay the blame completely at Mrs Flummery's door. I started a blog because of her and you & I met through Veg Heaven, yes, that will do for today, it's all her fault!!

    "Hey Flum , you're it"

  3. I'd forgotten it was the Flum who started all this ... thank you Mrs Flum, it's a wonderful way to keep up with friends and look back on my own doings!

  4. Great shot of Jill. Thanks for the tour round the garden now O can immediately put everything in place. When i have time i shall go back anf view your older pots so as that I can see hwat it used to look like and really appreciate how hard hobbits work.

  5. Having now looked back over your previous posts the pictures in no way show just how much work you have done. Mind I can actually look and think that's there etc etc.


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