Saturday, 27 September 2008

Red Squirrel

Taking photos of these darling garden visitors is getting harder and more frustrating. The current group of young squirrel who visit Bag End seem to move even faster than the ones earlier in the year and my little Olympus camera cannot cope. Much time (ie: a significant number of hours) is being spent researching a D-SLR.

This picture is cr*p, the tail and paws are out of focus because the Oly. can't function any better in the low light levels that have existed recently, but it is included to show the difference between this squirrel and Blondie who was such a regular visitor earlier in the summer.

At present we THINK we have five different youngsters visiting, all have very dark tails like the one above, plus a really small kitten who arrived this week and is hidden amongst these leaves:

Rubbish photo - lousy focus, full of noise, I've done nothing in Photoshop to try and clean it up - the original image just isn't worth the time and effort. This youngster is much, much lighter than all the others, her ears are really pale and the tail (which looks dark in the photo) is actually only dark at the edges.

We have not seen Blondie and Newbie for weeks, wonder where they have moved on to?

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