Thursday, 28 August 2008

Thank you

The internet is an amazing thing. When Husband first suggested we "went online" (many, many years ago) I thought he was bonkers and off to waste money on some silly newfangled technology. How I had to eat my words not long after when it was ME who spent the most time on email and ME who had a conniption fit if the computer wasn't working properly or the connection went down.

Something I never expected were the friendships that could form through this medium. Nearly a decade ago I met, in person, the wonderful woman who is now my best friend in the whole world but we'd first communicated on a quilting email list. Email helps maintain friendships that are separated by many miles, especially important since we moved to North West Cumbria which, whilst glorious, isn't exactly on the way to anywhere else (which would be why we love it, but that's a whole different subject!)

Something else I never "got" was the emergence of blogs, millions of them, why on earth would someone want to post personal and private happenings for all the world to see? (you can probably tell I haven't bought into Facebook yet . . .) And then we came to Bag End and I knew I wanted to keep a record of the changes we make to the garden, and THEN I realised as well as a blog being the only format I could think of which would carry the discipline I needed to maintain it (discussed here), this would also be a great way of sharing our progress with friends and family who are spread so far.

So to my surprise, the Bag End Blog was born and this is published post number 101 . . .

And then I go and get one of these Award things . . . for which I have to say thanks to Angela, another "virtual" but nearly real friend. We "met" through the OFC but now regularly write to each other privately and I am sure we'll get to meet up eventually which I am really looking forward to. However, I don't keep this blog in order to get awards or the biggest number of visitors, in fact, when James showed me how to add Google Analytics and I saw how many different people and places are accessing the blog I blanched, I thought it was only close friends and family who might be bothered to check up on Blondie, Newbie and all the others!

But back to the Awards, I'm actually not very good at participating in these things, I don't follow "rules" well and in truth, my seven favourite blogs are my business, no-one else's. When I think a blog or a person is worthy of sharing then I'll just do it anyway!

So no Award buttons, no "me-me's", but if you want to see a site I used to visit very, very often before we moved to Cumbria (us Exiles need our fix of beautiful views!) then go and have a look at the lovely pictures here.

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  1. Glad I'm not the only one who has a fit when the connection goes down. Not sure these days which is the biggest problem, broadband not working or the washing machine packing up. With 5 networked computers in the house at least the computer packing up isn't a complete disaster, assuming I can get on one of the others.


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