Sunday, 24 August 2008

Rowan, and other berries

I don't feel I have been in the garden much recently and suddenly things are changing without my having noticed. I know this is a weird summer, or am I just terminally confused? For some reason I am surprised to find so many plants already well on the way to making their autumn/winter berries.

Back in March when I carried out the Tree Audit I did not identify four lanky, straggly things as Rowan. Now they have developed berries they're quite beautiful (and one of my favourite trees) and it is such a shame they have been starved of light and air and have had to grow so tall and thin in order to survive. Over time we will coppice them back to a more reasonable height and hopefully improve their shape at the same time.

The Lords and Ladies that looked so lovely in May have set their berries but I have not seen the Pheasant feasting on them, in fact, apart from one brief visit a week ago I have not seen the Pheasant much in the last month or so.

we seem to have plenty of them:

The Cotoneaster Cornuba is putting on loads of berries - the blackbirds will love them early in 2009 when the frost has softened them enough.

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The badly shaped Variegated Holly by the steps is making berries, the jury is still out as to whether this plant will have to be taken out, think it is too old to recover from a serious pruning but the one that is really confusing me is this:

Could whoever has the Group Brain at present please plug it in and let me know what this is. I know I ought to know, in fact, somewhere in the dim distant recesses I do know, but I just cannot remember. I am impressed that it manages to flower (the out of focus yellow blooms in the foreground) and set berries at the same time!

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