Friday, 29 August 2008

Lots of Progress

With September very nearly here we figured that all those birds must have finished breeding by now and we could safely cut up all the fallen trees that have graced the "lawn" at Bag End throughout the summer. Last week I made a start on my own using a combination of loppers and chainsaw to render down each conifer into a pile of brush and piles large enough to keep for logs.

This was triggered by the discovery that Keswick Garden Machinery would hire us a huge chipper/shredder over a weekend for a ridiculously small number of beer vouchers so plans were laid.

Remember this mess?

After a couple of determined sessions the trunks were bare and I had a very large pile of brush.

Fortunately Husband then started his holiday and proved that being half as big again as me and much taller & stronger makes rather a difference.

(this will enlarge if you click on it)

Just this one to finish, which will only take a couple of hours, and then we can start shredding!

Oh, and all those nesting birds we were so careful not to disturb? No one single dratted nest. We have rendered down six trees and there is not one nest between them! When you see a Blackbird (amongst others) making constant flights into the brush with food in her mouth at the time when babies should be around what are you meant to think? Hey ho, it was a good excuse not to do the work until now!


  1. Perhaps if you'd chipped everything sooner, you wouldn't have decided to investigate wood burners and would have missed out on "free" heat. See, Leylandii so have a use - firewood!

  2. Don't you just love wildlife!!! I bet if you'd done it sooner, there would have been all sorts of rare species in there!


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