Friday, 8 August 2008

The front hedge .. all 100 and something feet of it

Disorganisation continues at Bag End, I thought I'd posted this last week but obviously not.

More hedge regeneration, this section done on 1st August. By the time I've cleared the Escallonia, dealt with all the prunings, cleared the ground of ivy and other detritus, cleaned the chainsaw it is taking a whole day to do this much. Which means in all I have about 6 or 7 solid days work just to get it cleaned up. Then comes the "fun part" of moving barrowloads of soil from the Coppice (where soil level is two/three feet higher than it should be in places) and building up the section behind the wall so that I can fill it with daffodil bulbs.

As with many tasks at Bag End, I have been wanting to sort out the Coppice ever since we arrived, having three feet of soil banked up against that old wall is not a situation we want to ignore but until I knew where I could put all that surplus soil I didn't want to start moving it.

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