Saturday, 30 August 2008

Compostus Binus Magnificentus

Although I am trying very hard to change the lifetime habit of being a Last Minute Lucy, with the chipper/shredder coming this weekend, I waited until Thursday to decide I HAD to build a bin in the Coppice. Off to Patersons fully admitting I didn't know what I wanted or how I would accomplish the task (but I did already have a pile of round fence posts).

Billy Paterson, bless him, refused to sell me the three fence panels which I thought I would buy saying that they'd not last 5 minutes before they were rotted through (I had sort of accepted that as par for the course) and told me I needed slab. Yes of course, why didn't I realise that, silly Hobbit that I am? Slab, yes that was what should be on my shopping list . . . I wouldn't know what slab was if it hit me in the face but rennovating Bag End is a continual learning process!

"Slab" is (are?) the bark covered edges of a tree trunk which are removed when the timber is squared up prior to planking. They look wonderful, will last for ages because they are larch and at 60p for a 6 foot length, timber for an entire bin cost less than one fence panel in B&Q.

Husband had gone to Keswick,so a determined Hobbit and a few carefully selected tools set to work and a couple of hours later we had a wonderful bin! (OK, Husband came home and helped screw in the last half dozen slabs because my paws were getting tired but he did have lots of praise for what had been done in his absence).

At nearly 6 x 6, yes, it might be a tad on the generous side but I have a feeling it won't be long before we have nearly filled it. Plans have already been approved for another one to use for leaves and after that, who knows! At least it served as a great (albeit unplanned) prototype for the log stores we want to build at the other end of the garden.


  1. What a fantastic compost bin and. I use the edge planks to make the edges on my raised beds but discarded pallets for my bins (they are very rickety) your bins look good and sturdy and I did not know they were called slabs - thanks for teaching me something. I like what you are doing with the forest I've added you to my blogroll.

  2. Thank you Laura, welcome to Bag End. What a good idea to use slab planks as edges for beds. Mrs Flummery (Veg Heaven) is doing a good job - by osmosis - of getting me around to the idea of growing some veggies in the future and bark covered slab would look great on raised vegetable beds. Hmm, another project - just what I need right now (grin).


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