Friday, 22 August 2008

Brown Hare

I'm dreadfully behind in sorting and sharing garden pictures, not sure what has happened to August but September had better not dare try to follow suit. Currently have at least 160 images in my "Garden to be edited" folder and whilst 90% of them will probably end up in the trash can, they all still have to be sorted out and the decent ones need to be cropped and resized.

However, very early this morning I took a series of pictures from the bedroom window of our young Hare which is growing extremely fast (must be all that nice lush grass and other wild things growing where most other people have a lawn!) Here's one picture as a taster and I will try to get the rest edited quickly.

Cumbrian weather today is fabulous, second day running of sunshine and a gentle breeze. Spent most of Thursday in the garden rendering down one of the big Leylandii and am going to continue that when I get off the computer!


  1. Now why wasn't this chap around for my visit?

    I like the dew on the grass glistening around him (or her).

  2. The phrase 'What big ears you have (Granny)' comes to mind.

  3. What a handsome chap (or chapess) s/he is.

  4. James, what can I say .... Glad you noticed the dew, it was about 7.00am.

    Angela, you're right, I would so love to stroke them but if I could get close enough to do so then it would mean that the littel chap was either ill or injured and I don't want that.

    Mrs Flum - If you think that's lovely, just you wait until I process the rest of the pictures and the video [gg]

    You'll be able to add chickens to your blog next year - wildlife everywhere!


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