Thursday, 7 August 2008

Blondie has company

Despite the continuing rain it's was a great Thursday at Bag End as we had the pleasure of watching two Red Squirrel in the garden for nearly the whole day. The second has temporarily been christened Newbie and we're guessing this is another of this years young. About the same size as Blondie, no ear tufts yet but a much darker back and tail. The hazelnut feeder has been severely depleted since breakfast time!

I don't know how well this will show up (click on picture to enlarge) but Blondie is in the "cage" and Newbie is at the tree feeder.

I want to get out and do some gardening now but I took lots of pictures yesterday and I will try to share some more later.


  1. Well, at least Newbie is being sensible and munching the hazelnuts. Let's hope that word spreads and you get a few more furry visitors over the next few months.

  2. Hi Jayne, (s)he really is a little darkie that one!! Let's hope you get a few more - I'm sure they'll be glad of the food come the winter.


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