Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Sigh . . .

I am only ever daunted by the size of Bag End and the amount of work to be done when I am very tired. Since we have lived here I have been very tired twice. Right now, however, I must be completely exhausted because all I can see is mess with no end in sight and no clear plan of how to make it better. What was I thinking? Remember where Bilbo says to Gandalf "I feel thin, like butter spread over too much bread" but there is no One Ring at Bag End, just huge piles of felled tree to remove, tons of soil to be dug over and heavens knows how many miles of Ground Elder root to remove.

It is easy to be rational and analyse why I am so tired - every time I plan to 'stop' and take a few days off to fellwalk or sew or whatever would recharge my batteries something happens to derail my plans; I am starting to feel like a caged hamster going round and round on one of those wheels.

It is NOT all doom and gloom, last week the Barn Owl, I have seen a Sparrowhawk swoop below me as it came low across the grass in search of prey (Husband regularly sees a mouse near the shrubbery), Blondie now comes daily for peanuts and hazelnuts, a Tawny Owl at circling above me at dusk with (probably) a mouse in its talons. Such a privilege to see these creatures every day - I said I wanted to create a wildlife garden but it looks like I already have one!

Hey ho, I'm not really complaining, just thinking out loud. In truth none of this is a problem, it will all get sorted out eventually and I am a very lucky girl to have such "problems" to deal with. Into the garden with you girl - get some work done!

Maybe it's not so bad really . . .


  1. Chin up! No-one said that it all had to be done straight away!

    I love looking at your blog (fab photography, btw)and hope you don't mind me commenting. I found you on Flummery's blogroll (you may recognise me from there similarly)- Bag End is very beautiful, but looking at how much you've done, I can see why you're whacked!

    Keep up the good work - but at your own pace!

  2. Thanks Hazel, you're very welcome at Bag End, pull up a chair and enjoy the view! Yes, I "know" you via Mrs Flum. Support and encouragement much appreciated {smile}. I do know how much we have achieved in a very short space of time but Flum will tell you I am a Type A Control Freak and I want it all done NOW (even though I really know it is going to take between five and ten years).

  3. Now? What is this now thing of which you speak?

    I'm just clearing an overgrown border that I want to house fruit bushes. We've been here 9 years in September!

    Have a rest chuck!

  4. And I will just repeat what the others have said - you don't need to do it all at once! Though you have my sympathy on the ground elder front, I have a very good collection of it too!

  5. Bless - kind of you to provide a paddling pool!

  6. Thanks Rachel, it is kind of cute, isn't it? I had never seen a squirrel drinking before but then it's not something you run into every day! Imagine what fun they will all have when I get a pond (or two) dug.

    Little Blondie is busy burying those nice expensive hazelnuts all over the garden, who knows, in a couple of years we might have half an acre of Hazel coppice, whether we want it or not ...


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