Friday, 11 July 2008

Another first

Glimpsed this evening from the kitchen window (hence the very low light) - my first Bag End hedgehog. This was a very large and agile creature, looked in good condition and well fed. I wonder if it knows there is a charming little des-res hidden at the bottom of my Log Box?

All the photos I took were completely naff (too slow a shutter speed and hedgehogs move fast). In this s/he is investigating bread put out for the birds on a tree stump.

James - would it be worth investing in one of those Gorrilla-pod tripod-like thingies?


  1. You need one of those paparazzi lens, it looks like you have plenty of superstars to photograph in your garden.

  2. Not for this type of shot. You want a fast lens, something like a 300/2.8 (a snip at £3K) would work well in low light levels and give you manageable shutter speeds.

    As you said, your prickly visitor can move rather quickly, so in these instances a tripod is not much use (unless you have something like a Wimberley head which allows you to freely move).

    Your best bet is to use something to stabilise the camera - so rest on something. This is where beanbags are very useful.

  3. We have found - over the years - that hedgepigs do not care if you are out in the garden as long as you can sit reasonably quietly! Sooo you should be able to work out what time they like their ramble and sit out there and get better closer photos.

    The story is that 007 was sitting on the step of the back shed mending some part of a childs bike when he felt something moving under his knee - on looking down he realised it was a large mummy hedgepig and behind her came her litter of 4 littlies....they apparently lived under the shed....our investigations showed that they liked a ramble about the same time every evening - just as it was becoming dusk.


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