Saturday, 14 June 2008

Garden Visit: Chapelside, Mungrisdale

I've been meaning to visit this garden for weeks, am so glad I made the effort and cannot wait to go back and take Husband. It is the most fabulous place, RUN don't (fell) walk to get there and if you cannot visit, then it is featured in Gardens of the Lake District. The garden nestles underneath Souther Fell and Bannerdale Crags, opposite the church at the north end of the village.

The owners are wonderful - welcoming and generous with information about the garden. They have been at Chapelside for 30 years and have turned a windswept farmyard into an idyllic garden with a quirky side and a great deal of charm. For me it was fabulous to see some of the ideas we have for Bag End which are mature and successful - unmown grass, huge wildlife pond, fernery, private hidden areas and so on. Absolute bliss! I would not want to replicate this in its entirety at home but it has been tremendously encouraging to see the style of garden I love flourishing in an even more windswept location than our own.

The garden is approached down a long gravel drive with alpines and sedum either side. This opens out into a courtyard area with a closely mown lawn on the left surrounded by a herbaceous border that was beautiful for my June visit.

The house is on the right and ahead are a collection of old barns and forge. The main part of the garden is behind the house and can be accessed from either side.

A tiny stream flows through the garden and has been directed into deep gullys which are home to hostas and ferns.

At the top of the garden this bench looks back down over a huge wildlife pond to the house.

From the side of the garden - the house nestles under the fells. How I envy them all the stone and walls!

Many more photos at Webshots

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  1. Wonderful garden. I wish we had room for a bigger bit of wildflower meadow that looked less like a scraggy bit of unmown grass! The size is a bit limiting for us. Spring flowers are now over but we have ox-eye dasies now and betony soon to flower.

    It's got you going this, hasn't it?


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