Wednesday, 28 May 2008

More visitors

Two weeks of various workmen, lots of noise and constant too-ing and fro-ing has upset the rhythm of the Bag End All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet. It has all been necessary and essential work (new hot water system, shower in the bathroom, boarding & new insulation in half the loft, making safe of some very dodgy electrics) but I am very glad it is all over for now. We have a brilliant team of tradesmen but it will be great NOT to see another white van pull onto the drive at 8.00am!

It has also been very warm and unexpectedly dry. We have much needed rain today, the first since about 7th May.

I have finally managed to get a useable picture of one of the beautiful but wary Song Thrush who come here every day.

Sadly I didn't get pictures of this lovely bird cracking open a snail and eating the contents just 10 feet away from me - bless her, who needs nematodes? There certainly will never be any slug pellets at Bag End. Moral of this story - do not go out onto the balcony for a coffee WITHOUT A CAMERA.

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  1. Well, it certainly pays to encourage more of these. It sounds as though Bag End will supply all of the snails/slugs that a thrush could possibly want - especially if plant things like Hostas!


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