Saturday, 10 May 2008

Lords and Ladies

Lots of this traditional wild plant in the more shady parts of the garden, Arum Maculatum, known as Cuckoo Pint, Friar's Cowl, Starchwort, is a member of the Arum (lily) family with very poisonous berries. I don't think The Canine One is stupid enough to eat them . . .

The berries are said to be attractive to many birds, especially pheasants. It will be interesting to see whether the Ring Neck Pheasants who regularly visit us come for a meal when the berries have set.


  1. I tansplanted one of these over 20 years ago and they are still thriving in my garden, so much so that I pulled a whole lot of them out on Friday otherwise they take over.
    Chris from SoS

  2. They are also called 'Jack in the Pulpit' as they are said to resemble a preacher in an old fashioned enclosed pulpit. Anyway, I like the silly names!

    I've been looking for the 'painted' version - arum italicum pictum. Himself suggested I try the wild one and a tin of silver paint! - Not the same....


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