Sunday, 25 May 2008

An Apology - this is not gardening

Our guest bedroom and my study were FULL of boxes of "stuff", mostly sewing-related items I want to keep but do not use very often. The basement room is earmarked as my Storage Room however up to now it has not been possible to sort it out.

Last week we had half the loft boarded and new (clean) insulation put down and a loft-hatch fitted that was big enough to actually get through with a ladder that is not a health & safety hazard. Moving old, compressed, filthy, mouse-dropping covered old insulation is an experience I could happily live without.

We can now safely store much of Husband's model-making kits and bits up there which means the Storage Room has been emptied. A new (reliable, high pressure) hot water system, much paint on the ceiling, walls and floor and we have turned this (contents courtesy of Mrs Previous Owner)

into this:

I now need to move assorted stuff out of the guest bedroom and down here.

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  1. You've certainly made a difference there. And I'm so jealous - your #storage' room is bigger than some of my 'actual' rooms!
    Well done - great sense of achievement (or there will be when you stop and take stock.)


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