Saturday, 25 September 2021


This is a bit naughty and was quite rude until I edited it (I am sure you can guess what word I have covered up), but in light of our comments yesterday about panic buying, I confess it did make me laugh:

Friday, 24 September 2021

Not for the first time - oops!

I am slowly working through post-holiday everything: catching up on laundry, catching up on sleep, and this morning I headed out to finish catching up on grocery shopping and - yes - fill the car with petrol. But I would have done that anyway because I'm down to half a tank and that is when I always top up. The fuel station at Morrisons was quiet, every pump was open.

Morrisons shares its carpark with B&Q and I remembered that a can of spray BBQ paint was on the (invisible, never get round to writing it down) List.

Not for the first time in my life I walked out with a full trolley and NO paint . . . I may have got a little distracted.


In my defence, the heather plants were on the (invisible, never get round to writing it down) List and required for a small autumn makeover of one of the beds. I have no excuse, however, for the dahlia plants other than I love them. The garden headline for this year has been a greenhouse full of dahlias, and I've not yet shared a fraction of the photos I have of absolutely stunning blooms. I intend to go to great lengths to keep the tubers safe over winter and these beauties will join the others in {hopefully} frost-free storage. But until then I am going to have a few weeks of enjoying the flowers.

PS: Do not believe every frightening headline that the newspapers or mainstream media throw at you. I am starting to feel very angry about the constant onslaught of government propaganda, and I cannot help thinking much of it is geared towards keeping us all in line.

There were NO empty shelves in Morrisons, yesterday in Aldi there were NO empty shelves. There was NO queue or closed pumps at Morrisons petrol station or any of the others I passed this morning.

In January 1940 the government introduced food rationing, and one restricted item was eggs. However, at the same time "experts" advised that eating more than three eggs per week would cause constipation and was generally bad for you. What a load of bollocks (s'cuse me!): it is now admitted and accepted that this advice was nothing to do with the health of the nation and everything to do with managing the expectations of people in order to dissipate anger over the limitation of what was considered a staple food item.

If you have not seen the excellent comment Viv (Where The Journey Takes Me) left on my post yesterday about the shambles of food management at that time you might like to bimble back and have a read . . .

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Back from a big trip

Bill and I pulled onto the drive at 4.30pm yesterday, exactly nine hours after leaving the Highlands. Tired. Actually, far more tired than I expected. It has been a Big Trip, my longest to date - ten days and nine nights and to be honest it was too much.

I think my 'sweet spot' might be five or six nights . . .

I've come back to many loads of laundry, much cleaning up, the need for a massive trip to the supermarket and a huge recognitition of how fortunate I am to have those as my current biggest problems. Err, umm, if you don't include the couple of small things which went wrong on Bill and had me laying on my back under the van in a couple of dirty places effecting on-the-road fixes which (pats self on back!) held up perfectly and safely. Or you don't include the leaking window in my sewing room which we can no longer ignore and I am dreading Thursday's visit from the builder and all the subsequent upheaval that we are going to have to go through, or the perfect storm of gas prices, HGV driver shortages, food security and going into winter with Covid cases on the rise . . .

But until I have straightened up a few things and have time to relax at the computer, a couple of pretties from the last few days:

The pictures are from: Cullen, Portsoy, Pennan, Balnauran of Clava

Sunday, 12 September 2021

Shopping and packing

Without fail, every single time I step inside this beautiful vehicle I take a moment to acknowledge how blessed I am to have her.

Au revoir . . .

Wednesday, 8 September 2021


The Boys Are Back in Town (oh, go on - admit how pleased you are to have a 1976 ear worm for the next couple of hours!) 🎵 🎼 🎶
Of course, after my saying we'd missed the heatwave yesterday, the Weather Goddess stuck two fingers up at us and the greenhouse soared to over 100° (in old money) and the house thermostat went well over 30° (about 90°).

Simon and James were only able to give us half a day today, which given the temperature was probably a good thing - apart from endless bottles of water that had been in the freezer for an extra chill, occasionally desperate measures were employed in order to cool down:

Today was the turn of the front hedge which leaves the Cottage Garden and the fruit cage feeling somewhat exposed, but they will will survive.

I could manage the yew hedge myself, but it only took Simon 20 minutes with his Mahooosive hedge trimmer, so it would have been silly not to take advantage.

And at the end of it all an extremely full compost bay with lovely shreddings which will end up all over the beds to suppress weeds, and then rot down and put food and goodness back into the soil so the plants can grow even bigger and we have to have the boys back next year to cut it all down again . . . 🤪

Once they left there might have been some relaxing:

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Playing with paint

Although we have not enjoyed the 30 degree heatwave threatened for other parts of England, today The Shire was very hot and sunny. I went outside this morning with the intention of continuing to paint the front of the house but it only took seconds to admit there was no way I felt like doing the job I "ought" to be getting on with. No, what I needed was to be having fun and playing, so I decided it was time to use up all the leftovers and half-empty paint cans from last year and mess around with colour.

This is not Instagram perfection, it was a quick brush down to remove the worst of the cobwebs and then slosh paint around! The greenhouse staging got a freshen up (although not all of it, I do not have some of the colours), then there was a chair which did not get out of the way quick enough, followed by a small table which I think looks wonderful in orange and purple. The little 'purple' bed next to the shed got a freshen up too.

Even Management got in on the fun despite the fact that he hates the heat and does not cope well with it, but this siding already looks SO much better, and he has promised to do another coat tomorrow.

The coldframes have needed some TLC all season and I am bored with sensible, grown up green. This is just one coat, they need at least two more.

Where I had the paint I did some of the greenhouse beds, but there are still others to be done.

More than a little tired, and we both fell on our supper tonight like we'd not eaten all week but have had such an enjoyable time resulting in lovely eye candy - a much needed "play day".

Monday, 6 September 2021

That will do nicely

There are not (and never will be) 'before' photos of a pile of stained tea towels. Coffee, tomato sauce, avocado, something unidentifiable - and despite being thoroughly washed several times still looking remarkably suspect . . .

There is, however, evidence of what happens when you chuck the whole lot in the washing machine with a tub of Dylon.

Tea towels which might, in another time, have been relegated to garden or garage cloths have been refreshed and are ready for many more months use in the kitchen.