2018 Quilt Finishes

Quilting has been such a huge part of my life for so long, but the last few years have been something of a textile wasteland.  Either I was too busy creating a big garden from nothing, or too exhausted and unwell from the damage I did to myself whilst creating the garden;  sadly very little has been made since we moved here.

Happily, I think that state is now behind me, but just to make sure, I thought it would be fun to record this year's finishes all in one place.

Ooops - I was doing so well, until the garden and the weather got involved.  But August turned out to be a good finishing up month:

Batik Trip Around the World

'Random' Picnic Blanket

Joan's Irish Chain


Christmas Charmer quilt

Christmas foundation pieced stars:


Cushions for the campervan

Pillow-sized cushions (maybe for the caravan?)

Two 'Trip Around the World' quilts (campervan)


  1. Look forward to seeing your creations as you add them x

    1. Thanks Kate. Wish me luck that I don't let the weather/garden/something else derail my sewing for the rest of the year!

  2. Your blog was suggested to me by kjsutcliffe artist; I like your stripy pillow-sized cushion. I've just made a big sofa quilt and realise my existing cushions are all wrong. I think your pillow-sized stripy cushion could be the design I'm after!

    1. Thank you :-) I get so much inspiration from other quilters I find online, its rather lovely to think I might be the one providing it for a change.


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