Thursday, 27 July 2017

Before the rain came

We're forecast quite a few days of wet and windy weather, and so far this morning that prediction has been rather too accurate.  Therefore it made sense to grab an opportunity yesterday afternoon to get out and give Daisy a short walk in decent conditions.

It only takes half an hour to get to St Bees which is currently one of our favourite places to walk, and the massive Seacotes car park always has plenty of space.  (Note to self - don't send poor husband all the way to the only working pay meter when he can't remember the registration number of my car.  Poor chap walked all the way there, and back again, and in the end I went "sod it" and we moved the car to a spot much closer to the parking machine!)

A fairly gentle potter uphill to the first viewing point.

Whilst it is good to see the cliffs, and around to St Bees lighthouse, it was not so good to see this offshore:

A little digging at the ever-clever Marine Traffic website [isn't this home page pretty๐Ÿ˜‰]

and it transpires another beautiful stretch of coastline is due to be despoiled because JB119 out of Nassau is a "Construction and Maintenance Vessel" for the offshore wind turbine industry.  Ever the optimist (I thought that was my job?) when I told Management he said "hmm, perhaps they just parked it".  He then said something else which was very rude ....

Nonetheless, we enjoyed our walk and were home just in time to put the oven on for supper ๐Ÿ˜Š


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    1. Thanks Marlene, it was a lovely little outing.

  2. Didn't realise it was only 1/2 hour to St. Bees, though that said, when we visit you we stay at Whitehaven & it doesn't take us long, if we don't stop and sightsee on the way.(lol). I love walks along coastal areas & find (for me) it very de-stressing, so thanks for the lovely pics. Take care.

    1. Morning Susan, glad you enjoyed a reminder of a place you like so much.

  3. We had a holiday in a static caravan in St Bees years ago, loved the area but have never been back to that site. Lovely place to walk, I'm sure Daisy enjoyed it too. As for wind turbines, our north Wales coast has hundreds of them. I don't mind seeing them too much, they don't spoil the seascape for me. I think it's a case of having to accept them I'm afraid.

    1. Thanks Eileen, we're thinking of taking our caravan down there for a couple of days. In my penultimate photo you can see the big site full of static vans (on the left) but they have a small area for tourers which is right at the very front.


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