Thursday, 1 June 2017

Penultimate or last?

For nearly as long as we have known him, LP has wanted to move back to the Suffolk area where he was brought up.  I have deliberately never mentioned here anything about his private life but it's a tad complicated, to say the least, however now, after a few false starts it looks like he really will be off before the end of June and we have a wonderful opportunity to tease him mercilessly about leaving a job unfinished ...

Which is a (slightly) mean but extremely effective way to ensure that he "went at it" like a thing possessed to try to sort out the space underneath the patio wall.  It was wonderful for me, having had a fairly sleepless night thanks to Daisy being restless, that Management was here to work alongside LP leaving me with just tea-making and supervisory duties!  Darling Dog (forgiven for her nocturnal disturbance) also supervised.

Far more timber than we actually needed, but knowing us it will all get used up somewhere, eventually!

Recycling the remainder of the trellis panels:  the original plan was just for two complete 6 foot sections, but having a third panel laying around meant we could extend all the way to the path.

M. did a great deal more than stand next to LP but (like me) he's not wild about having his photo taken.

A very well-deserved break :)

Everyone gets a tea break - warning to visitors, never leave a mug unattended around Daisy!

By the end of the day we had four wonderful terraced beds, three of which will be planted but the top section is probably going to be a seating area.  LP reckons he will be back one day next week to finish off, but if packing and moving takes priority Management and I can manage what's left.

Before and after from the patio; last November Graham rebuilt part of this wall and finished it with a lovely topping of old roof slates, something I have not managed to blog about but the photos are there ... unfortunately the slates either came off when it was really frosty, or when we sat on them.   Need to work out a sustainable Plan B to finish off this area.

Whilst the drill was out I got long awaited fixings for hanging baskets.


  1. Now that was certainly a days work worth waiting for & am looking forward to seeing what goes in those beds. Such a lot achieved. Thinking caps on for the top of that wall!! Does Daisy really drink tea? Take care.

    1. Not sure about the beds other than the trellis will suport clematis (no surprises there!) Daisy will drink anything which has milk in it ...

  2. Those certainly looks like jobs well done, the trellis and beds look perfect. Just an observation but I think Daisy deserves her own mug and tea break seeing as she's one of the workers :) I hope LP enjoys his new life in Suffolk, I'm sure you're going to miss him.

    1. Thanks Eileen, but Daisy is already more than spoiled enough without having her own crockery! Yes we will miss LP but it is time for him to finish and move on.

  3. Love the photo of Daisy on her tea break - she deserves one, supervising is hard work :)

    1. She doesn't mind whether it is a tea or coffee break, so long as there is milk involved. Management drinks his tea black and she won't go near his mug!


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