Sunday, 5 March 2017

Two sessions

Sorry, 'picture heavy' with images that do not look much different to each other but I want a record of how the ground looks early in the season.

I thought the weather would only permit me to sneak one session in the garden this week but Sunday turned out a great deal nicer than expected so I reckon I doubled my achievements 😊

The first session was on Thursday, nothing particularly thrilling:  mulch side bed with compost, cover with bark chip, "rinse and repeat" . . . .

It is not particularly photogenic or horticulturally inspiring but it needs to be done and I was delighted to finish all of the bed that I could.  There's a big section which has been overrun by Euphorbia (that is going to be moved) and next to each wooden obelisk I left 'keyholes' so that LP and I can get in and move them.

Had a bit of a 'wanting to be tidy' fit and tipped the all the remaining bags of leaves onto the compost bin.  I continue to be hugely surprised that no-one else around here makes the slightest effort to collect all this wonderful free bounty that falls off the beech trees each year.  Their loss and my gain - I'd hate to have to share any of it and it helps to make our homemade compost rich and full of humus.

Sunday was nothing more thrilling than more of the same this time on little bed next to the Big Pond decking, the gap where LP removed the flag iris is definitely asking for a dwarf acer to keep the existing one company 😊


  1. Well done you. Can't wait to see it all bulking up come summer & probably lots of colour too. The post below looks to have been a good day out, even for Daisy, as I know she doesn't like the water. Take care.

    1. Thanks Susan, glad you enjoyed the beach post too :)

  2. I'm looking forward to getting out more often into the garden, it is so wet that we can only cross it on the paths, anything else requires a canoe........

    1. When you've done with the canoe, please return it . . . .


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