Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tuesday: flat out and full on

Looks like the blog has reverted to a tick-list of what happened whilst LP was available ... hey ho, helps me keep track of when things are done.

A non-stop day.  Thankfully we seem to have a break in the weather and whilst fairly chilly at least there was no rain and the occasional breeze is helping dry the soil a little.  LP was in a particularly good mood and champing at the bit to see how much of the endless 'To Do' list could be knocked off this week.

Firstly he filled all the tubs with compost for me.  He forks everything over and breaks up all the big lumps, no mean feat when it is so wet. When I went back later to have a look he had filled 41 large flowerpots!

(I'm sure I meant to take a photo ....??)

He dug up just about all of the pink geranium which has been trying for World Domination in the Lasagne Bed in the Cottage Garden, and then helped me plant it under the hawthorn hedge which borders the pavement.  A few barrows of bark chip later and it all looked extremely smart.

We removed the three remaining obelisks from the side bed, and that meant two clematis had to be relocated.

(definitely in need of a couple of coats of wood stain)

Whilst surveying the (lovely) lack of geranium it became apparent just how peely-wally the roses were . . . LP did not need asking twice and by the time I'd gone inside, made tea and come back out again the roses were no more and he very proudly told me how deeply planted the clematis were!  He claims not to be a gardener but after all these years I think some of my prattling on about plants is getting through.

It was definitely Daisy's day for photo-bombing . . . and by the look of the (lack of) roots these roses weren't going to last much longer.

A couple of days ago I succumbed to some small Campanula plants when in Cockermouth and they look lovely in one of the new beds by the patio.

I should have waited because almost immediately after I planted them a neighbour offered me "surplus" Campanula from her garden.  LP helped dig them  up and we collected six large trays!

Little Miss Photo-Bomb again 😊😊

It only took one of the trays to edge the bed next to the kitchen window so I now need to quickly decide what is going to happen to the rest, lovely problem to have 🙂

Not content with all this activity, for the last hour before he went home LP made a start on clearing the mess which I have allowed the 'New Garden' to become.  Two years ago he had this perfectly prepared for lawn but I had other ideas and was convinced I could manage to grow "wild flowers" on this area.  I was wrong and have concluded that grass will ultimately be much less maintenance and look better for the whole season.

(And with the delivery last week of a lovely new mower, which hasn't even been started up yet, keeping it tidy shouldn't be too hard).  She says, confidently . . .

It might sound as if we worked like crazy all day but there was a considerable amount of time spent standing around watching the ponds.  I've seen a few frogs back in the water since the weekend but today was clearly "Froggy-Went-A-Courting" day - LP counted over 30 in the big pond at lunchtime, and overall we reckon there were at least 70 - 80 frogs spread around the three ponds and every time we went near the water there was a lovely 'frog chorus'.  Bit to windy to try to record it, but if conditions are right tomorrow I will have a go.  Quite a bit of frogspawn was laid today but I think there's much more to come.

They definitely deserve a post of their own as I've taken loads of pictures and this post is already quite long enough 😊


  1. I am no gardener but am happy to have found your blog and the lovely Little Miss Daisy Photo-Bomb, she's gorgeous :) I will be back again to see your frog post, it's years since I've seen a live frog and frogspawn, in fact it must have been when I was a child, I can hardly believe that myself :)

    1. Hi Eileen, I read your comment this morning (thank you) and have thought all day about what you said. Much of today has been spent watching the frogs and I felt sad to realise that many people never see this. I tried to take some video earlier (I'm not very good) but I should have time tomorrow to look at the memory card and I will do my 'froggy post' as soon as I can.

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  3. Try again..... A little proof reading might have been in order. ... looks like you have hit the ground running with all this productivity, spring better be ready!

    1. Oh don't worry about a spot of proof reading, I knew what you meant!! It has definitely felt like Spring this week, hope you get into your garden soon.

  4. For several years I've been intending to make a frog pond in my back garden but so far I've not got round to doing it, also I can't think of anywhere round here where I would find some frogspawn to start it off. I look forward to seeing your frog post when you do it :)

    1. Sadly you are too late for this year, but if you make the pond this summer, next Spring could you put a request on the noticeboards at the offices where you clean? You never know, one of the employees might have a natural pond . . . I started by getting spawn from someone in the village, and then from a friend of a friend in Lorton, and now we have a lovely lot of our own :)

  5. Has LP been on pep pills? You are both on a roll. That Campanula is (I think) what can sometimes run amuck in gardens here. It is pretty though. Funny how I would like some cooler weather to get out in the garden!!! We had plenty of tadpoles again, but so far I've not seen any frogs, although last year I spotted a few. Our pond is pretty pathetic, compared to your lot. Take care.

    1. Well Susan, whatever LP had been taking he kept up that pace for another two days. It's now Friday morning and I am just too tired to do anything. Froggy blogging is going to have to wait.

      Yes, campanula can get quite invasive (which is why my neighbour wanted to get rid of so much). I guess it depends upon your perspective - and size of garden avaiable for invading!


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