Monday, 27 February 2017

For those with veterinary leanings

I know all this is recorded at the vet's, and somewhere in a file I have these results from previous years, but it would be clever if I could pull everything together so we can compare year on year.

ALP - alkaline phosphatase: liver function (bile)
ALT - alanine transaminase: liver function
BUN - blood urea nitrogen: kidney function
CREAT - creatinine: kidney function
GLUC - glucose: diabetes
TP - total protein:  low levels can indicate liver or kidney problems, high levels can be an indicator of some cancers

Before someone asks, our vet charges £34 for this test and I think it is worth every penny.  Looks like there are a few years left in the old girl 😀


  1. She is so gorgeous. I thought of Daisy the other day. I saw a photo of a dog at a local rescue centre (not that I look or anything ;-)). It had similar ears. :-) X

    1. Thanks Jules, we think she is gorgeous too! Very, very dangerous looking at rescue centres or their websites . . .

  2. Snoozy Daisy looks so peaceful, and £34 is excellent value. Where I used to work, it was a lot more....

    1. Thank you Kate. It would only be £28 without the VAT 😊


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