Thursday, 2 February 2017

A tad on the breezy side

It is blowing an absolute hooley outside, the woodburner is roaring through logs even though I have it shut right down, and anything not well secured in the garden is going to be in a completely different place by morning.

Darling Girl and I have just been for a 'toilet break' up on the green where she was nearly blown off her feet.  Needless to say, Her Ladyship is now back in front of the fire, unimpressed.


  1. The ole lights have been flickering here all day and I lost a long email at one point. Severe weather warning tomorrow. Oh lovely.

  2. It's breezy here but not exactly gale force ... yet!

  3. Golly gosh, hope you're OK. Please take care & I'll be glad to see a post that everything is still basically in place. Lots of huggles coming your way.

  4. I'm glad you're both back in the warm now. It hasn't been too bad here. X

  5. We've had to walk holding our hair on! Moss finds it thrilling and gallops around with an even more silly grin on her face - that dog has no brains. I must admit to listening the the wind howling down the chimney and watching the woodburner just devouring the logs. Batten down the hatches and craft - best cure for wind ...!

  6. Morning all, and thank you for such lovely comments. Kate you did make me laugh with your description of Moss charging about having fun!

    I haven't been outside yet (Daisy is firmly under a quilt refusing to move) but we've survived. It is still breezy but the gales have gone for now. We had a lousy, disturbed night - it was incredibly noisy and Daisy insisted on laying virtually on top of me, she gets very upset and stressed when it's really bad outside.

    Couldn't have any of the windows open because of the gale so I feel all bunged up and 'yuk'.

    Most of the leaves I carefully put on the bulb bed are now elsewhere in the garden, including many floating in the Top Pond.

    I really must get a shift on - places to be, people to see :)


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