Sunday, 12 February 2017

A few "wins"

In a garden the size of Bag End it's very easy to get disheartened (and sometimes thoroughly fed up) when the weather thwarts my plans or I just don't have the energy/strength/enthusiasm to get work done.  Thankfully this state of affairs doesn't usually last too long and I get a week like this one where much is accomplished and the nagging fear in the back of my mind that the garden is too large for me to manage is swiftly kicked into touch!

I've already written about Simon's visits on Tuesday and Wednesday which resulted in a generous quantity of bark chip and some tree work.

Whilst Management was in London on Monday I finally lost my patience with the unfinished patio area outside our front door.  It's not perfect and definitely not up to the standards which LP or Alan can achieve with carpentry, but I cut some left-over trellis to size and fitted it between the house and the arch, installed the gate, and fitted trellis the other side of that.  And for good measure, I lined the finished raised bed with damp-proof membrane ready for Management or LP to fill with soil.

On Thursday I cleared up about half of  the leaves which had blown off the bulb bed and then had a frustration-induced conniption fit about the rest. 😭   A long walk with Daisy improved my mood somewhat, but not nearly as much as returning home and finding Management outside clearing up the rest, bless his little heart 💚.    He then helped me move bark chip and we covered the whole bulb bed filling in where the leaves were missing, and (hopefully) anchoring down those which remained.   It all looks a bit "yellow" and weird at present but a couple of days of rain will tone it all down.

Suitably encouraged I had a session on Friday which saw the heather/topiary bed next to the Big Pond weeded, fed with seaweed and the box edging mulched with homemade compost.  I finished the whole lot off with more bark chip and theoretically, that's all the attention this bed should need for the rest of the year, apart from starting to shape the yews which are destined to be topiary.

By the weekend the weather was on the turn so most of Saturday was spent indoors, but Sunday gave an opportunity for a couple of hours on the Top Pond bed removing most of the blue hardy geranium (which is lovely but too tall) and relocating it to the curved bed next to the pavement.

and as a 'bonus', underneath an old roof tile, I found where the mice have been having their lunch.

There was also some nicely-protected-from-the-wind tidying up in the greenhouse, but that will get a post all of its own in due course.

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