Saturday, 28 January 2017

Three fabulous days

Wonderful weather this week:  crisp, cold, blue sky = perfect gardening conditions.  With Management in London Daisy and I were able to gently potter about to no particular schedule and I managed good sessions in the garden on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Tuesday's accomplishment was to tidy up the Coppice which is always the first part of the garden to spring into action each year.  I've never previously subscribed to the 'cutting hellebores back' way of doing things but there were so many old leaves with black spot that I decided to be brutal and take out everything in an attempt to stop the spores spreading.

The Mahonia bushes are flowering nicely, snowdrops are popping up all over the place but the winter aconite are a disappointment - I know I had loads but there are only two small plants in flower at present.  Perhaps the damn mice have had the corms?

Tuesday ended with a bit of a drama when a United Utilities worker got a bit closer to a manhole on the green than he intended.  Fortunately he got away with just serious bruising and as a result this has focussed the company's attention on a water leak that has been seeping away for years and years, but that they have always failed to properly respond to.

On Wednesday I focussed on the bulb bed (which used to house the large willow fedge).  LP took the willow out at the end of November and despite the best of intentions I hadn't got back to that area to tidy it up and add some more bulbs.  January is at least three months later than recommended to be planting Camassia but hey - they've got more of a chance in the ground than in a bag in the shed.

When we weren't playing "kill the rugby ball", Little Miss Perfect sat around providing moral support, until she got bored and wandered inside 😊

I've got even more unplanted bulbs destined for the front section (yes, bad gardener . . . ) and then I can cover the rest of it with some of the lovely leaves we collected last autumn.

After unavoidable grocery shopping on Friday I had a couple of brief sessions at the front of the house.   I've completely weeded the large raised bed and plan to fill it with various primulas which have been squatting in one of the vegetable beds waiting for me to get round to moving them (bad gardener again . . . )

Still not sure what to do with this little bed

An extra half hour of sunshine and I would have completed weeding the large fruit cage but once the sun went down it was far too cold to stay outside with any degree of enjoyment.

At risk of sounding all airy-fairy and woo-hoo, the hours I've spent in the garden this week have been a joyful gift.  I have felt I was exactly where I am meant to be, doing exactly what I am meant to be doing.
It's been bliss πŸ˜ƒ


  1. Oh how I know the agony of unplanted bulbs...I always mean to plant them but the weather changes...curtains get drawn and life pulls in a different direction...namely towards the fire...then one day...the sun shines and oh...I want to be outside again...strange but oh so true! x

    1. Oh, thank Crunchy it is not just me! You have perfectly described the bulb-planting-problem . . .

      Hope you're feeling a little better, and please give Heidi a cuddle from us 🐾😊

  2. Being outside is food for the soul. It is a wonderful fix and not just for the garden!

  3. Awww, the garden is already looking good, even at this time of year when it's still your winter. I enjoy time in the garden, but not here at the moment with no shade & either blistering hot sunny days or overcast & so muggy. Bring on autumn for me. Take care.

    1. Thanks Susan, I know it is too hot for you at present, but don't wish your life away - it goes too fast as it is :)

  4. You have been busy!
    Re aconites. Mine have gone too. I AM blaming the wretched mice.

    1. Hi Jessica, I'm sorry you too have lost aconites but relieved to know who/what the culprit is (in other words, not my ineptitude as a gardener)


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