Monday, 2 January 2017

Arriving slowly

We slipped quietly into 2017, or rather, we tried to until some nearby plonker started letting off fireworks which sounded like grenades or mortar shells. Took quite a while to get back to sleep after that . . .

Thanks to much help from Management all the decorations were back in their boxes by lunchtime on 1st January.  The sitting room looked quite bare afterwards, but in a good way.  We are still to re-hang pictures (but knowing us that could take months and months ...) but are very happy with the new decoration.  Farrow & Ball Vert de Terre this time which is not much more than a slightly lighter version of the Lichen we've used before.

(I think I meant to put a picture here   😁  )

Our astronomy year started well with lovely views of the conjunction between Mars, Venus and a crescent Moon, with a glimpse on two nights of the faint comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Padjusakova (no, I can't pronounce it either!).  Neptune was hovering about in the same general vicinity but we didn't work out if we'd seen it or not.  Such is the way with star gazing . . .

M. continued to do clever things with tiny bits of plastic and I made great progress on a quilt top which was cut out back in Hampshire and has since (in my head) been redesigned on numerous occasions. I found a post from January 2012 when I thought I knew what I was doing with the pieces - although the zigzag strips never happened and I subsequently unpicked the blocks made for Sue's Diamonds quilt :(   I have no idea what my 'grand plan' was back then, but for now at least I am on the way towards a bed-sized quilt top!

There was much messing around trying out different layouts,

and I ended up with this, which is still not finished 😊

I also have no idea why, about ten years ago, I made a huge pile of Hourglass Blocks . . . I've been moving them from box to tub to basket for what seems like forever.  I also unearthed a pile of really weird 9-Patch Blocks and I might put them together, or I might just wrap it all up again and "file it away" for another decade?

Not a bad way to commence 2017 and spend the 'limbo days' between Christmas and New Year.


  1. Well done on the patching front & like you I have piles of things put together from way back & think "WHAT"? The last mockup would make a great boy's quilt. Have you anyone you know or could donate to a hospital or other charity? Now, have you the phone, etc. back on again, as I've had trouble trying to contact you except via your blog? My Xmas stuff was basically all packed on 29/12, then on New Years Day I realised the wreath was still on the door & the Xmas quilt still on the wall in the hall. All done now & little quilt replaced with one I did late last year. Think I showed the beginning of it, so will do a post today about bits 'n' bobs. Hope you take part in the Scavenger Hunt occasionally this year as I know you'd be good. Take care, have a good weekend and huggles.

    1. Thanks Susan, yes I am going to donate quite a lot of it to charity. Sorry not to have been in touch properly, when our ISP went bust we also lost the free International phone calls (and will not have them in future) so we're going to have to Skype/Facetime!!

  2. Our decorations also came down and were put away on the 1st, we'd had enough of them by then! So glad you will join us on the scavenger photo hunt☺ hugs to Daisy x

    1. I can't promise to join each one but I will make more effort this year, promise!

  3. Beautiful photo of the new moon and Venus ,, I tried but failed. Crystal clear sky though so just gazed. Always enjoy your quilt photos too Jayne.

    1. Hi Jill, at least you were out there doing the gazing :). Who knows, we might get you quilting one day, ha ha!


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