Sunday, 4 December 2016

You don't have to be mad to live here . . .

But if you are then putting up a caravan awning in the middle of the sitting room seems like a reasonable activity for a Sunday morning.

On our last visit to Kielder the chap pitched next to us had one of these awnings fitted to a tiny Freedom caravan.  Although designed for motorhomes we were really impressed with how it created a corridor (next to the van) and a separate room.  Keith had his annexe warm and cosy and it made a lot of sense as a winter set-up.  And then we found one half-price . . .

Daisy doesn't really care - she would just like us to stop moving things around.


  1. A perfectly reasonable activity in my opinion. (As long as it's not a permanent fixture!😄)

  2. OK, I know that space is at a premium in UK, but were you trying to see if it was all there & in good condition? Poor Daisy with all your upheaval, she'll need a special Xmas present from Mum & Dad. If here in Oz, you could probably set it up on a verandah or patio with pergola over top. Our luxuries I suppose. Have a good week & take care.

    1. Just playing Susan, and by putting it up not only do we check it all as you said, but we can fold it back up in a way that makes it easy for me to deal with if I am on my own. Far too cold to be messing around with it outside today :)

  3. Camping in the living room - that I could manage.


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