Wednesday, 21 December 2016


It is finally here (beathes out with a big but happy sigh).
It is Winter Solstice today, and in a few minutes our little lump of rock will be at its furthest point from the sun (10.44 GMT).  🌞

Rain, wind and lots of cloud means that we won't get any views like this today.  These pictures are from April, sadly with the fields covered in stone left from the Storm Desmond flooding (blummin' photo processing backlong!)

This is when the World turns; forget 31st December and all the drunken midnight shenanigans - this is when the new year, the new season begins.  The time to put the last twelve months behind us and look forward to the gifts and opportunities that the New Year will bring.

Don't think we will even get a break inthe clouds today, unlike this lovely afternoon back in June

After a busy and sometimes rather stressful couple of weeks, I had planned to spend today driving through this beautiful county that we call home and make a long-overdue trip to Ambleside but I'm tired and the weather is rubbish.  Instead it is a day for hunkering down and enjoying the fact that the house is tidy, I have nearly all of Christmas food in the freezer/fridge/cupboards, and I don't need to go out again until Friday to get the last of the fresh vegetables.  Had a trip to Penrith yesterday and called in to Booths.  They sell TEN different varieties of apples, all British, but no Spartan 😕


  1. It's a shame Booths didn't come through for you. Hopefully you managed to get some nearly as tasty.
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful photographs. We are heading out later today but part of me would rather be staying at home, especially as it now smells of freshly baked mince pies. X

    1. Thanks Jules. I came home with three different varieties, so that should keep me in cheese & apples until 2017. Hope your trip out was successful and stress free.

  2. Blessings, the seasons are turning 😊 here's to the new year xxxxx

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    1. Amen to that Sue, cannot come quickly enough :)

  4. Gorgeous photos and here's me thinking about our summer solstice. Our days may start getting shorter, but the heat is ramping up with 36deg expected for Xmas day, so we'll leave early for DD's and come home after dark. Hate driving in the hot sun. Take care.

    1. With the storm we have predicted for tonight and tomorrow, I think I would take your 36 degrees quite cheerfully :) Safe driving over the holidays, xx

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    1. Thanks Jill, hope you were able to get outside and enjoy it.


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