Sunday, 18 December 2016

Homegrown delicious

My little Spartan apple tree is finally able to settle down and grow without continued disturbance to the roots.  This year I got the biggest crop ever, a whole couple of dozen beautiful apples.

With a hunk of cheese and some nuts, one makes a fairly low-carb but very satisfying quick lunch.  Shop bought apples come nowhere close.

Sadly I have reached the end of my little harvest, I will have a look in Booths to see if they stock Spartan but I'm not holding out much hope 😞.


  1. You never know! I hope they do. Your little tree looks quite festive. To me the apples look like red baubles. Or maybe it's just too much festive spirit. 🎄
    Here's hoping for a bumper crop next year. X

    1. Thanks Jules, the Booths website implies they do stock them . . . I shall be out and about tomorrow to see if I can hunt some down!


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